Typical Canine Skin and Coat Issues and the Solutions You Can Provide

Typical Canine Skin and Coat Issues and the Solutions You Can Provide

Pet parents often show up in the grooming salon or retail shop looking for a product to solve a problem. Typical skin and coat issues include dry, itchy skin, excessive shedding, dull coat and undesirable odor. Isle of Dogs offers products that solve each of these problems.

Dry, Itchy Skin

Whether your dog suffers with itchy, flaky, or dry skin, Isle of Dogs provides relief. One of the featured ingredients, Evening Primrose Oil, is known for its soothing properties, calming irritation, inflammation, and dry skin. Plus, these formulas restore the coat’s health and appearance while correcting skin issues.

Excessive Shedding

Shed happens. However, for pet parents who are struggling with excessive shedding, they’re likely using the wrong products. When bathing and conditioning, suggest products that contain Royal Jelly, an ingredient known for reducing shedding by improving the strength of the hair. Beyond the shampoo and conditioner, a good up-sell is a leave-in or spray-in product that helps brush out the coat. A clean, healthy coat means less shedding

Dull Coat

There is no surer sign of overall canine health than a clean, silky coat. With shampoos and conditioners featuring luxurious ingredients like Royal Jelly, Evening Primrose and Keratin, Isle of Dogs grooming products work together to grow, repair and volumize hair. Regular bathing with high quality products like these, leave the coat healthy, shiny and soft.

Undesirable Odor

Deodorize and neutralize. Those are the two key elements of dealing with a stinky pup. If you have customers who need to de-stink their pup, the Isle of Dogs’ odor-neutralizing sprays are the solution. They do both: deodorize with natural, functional fragrances and neutralize the undesirable odor. They’re safe enough to be sprayed directly on the dog and come in a range of scents varied enough to appeal to any customer—from fresh scents like cotton to the heady scent of violet.

No matter what skin or coat problem your customers face, Isle of Dogs has a functional, effective, wholesome solution.