How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Sales

How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Sales

Black Friday is hovering just around the corner. 

With most retailers banking--literally--on holiday sales, take some time now to plan. How will you make the most of Holiday sales? There are three keys to get your store in Santa-worthy shape:


Entice your customers to pick out presents with festive displays that make finding gifts convenient. Maximize your prime floor space with giftable items. Consider creating vignettes that convey the spirit of the season--and the ease with which they can find the perfect present for the pet lovers (and pets) on their list.


Capture the holiday spirit with perfect, giftable product bundles. It takes extra effort, but combining products--a luxe shampoo with a nice-smelling spritz, a bag of healthy treats, and a brush--makes a perfect present! Many customers might not want the hassle of picking out individual items and actually prefer a pre-bundled set. Think about how Bath & Body Works does it and replicate!

Cross- and Up-selling

The cornerstone to any sales strategy! Train your staff to offer recommendations and suggestions based on conversations with customers. Make sure everyone is prepared with product knowledge to make educated references to other, compatible lines. One trick for making the most of holiday sales: Have your staff ask each customer who’s on their gift list! Spark the idea because some customers may not be thinking of the pet lovers on their list as pet lovers until the conversation starts. 

Finally, capitalize on point-of-sale displays and quick stocking-stuffers. Small items and gift cards nicely round out a holiday sales strategy.