The Power Behind the Health and Beauty Combo

The Power Behind the Health and Beauty Combo

“Food is the only beautiful thing that truly nourishes.” – from Autumn in New York

Beauty from the inside out isn’t a new trend in the health and beauty aisle. Women already know that the food they eat shows up in their skin and hair. And the trend linking inner wellness with outer beauty is finally catching up in the pet industry.

Internal Health and External Beauty

Just as every woman knows that a sugar binge will show up in her skin, the same is true for our dogs. Unhealthy food creates an unhealthy outward appearance. Change the food, change the appearance.

Good food nourishes the body, and the body looks (and feels) better. So, to create a healthy outer appearance, Isle of Dogs wants to nourish internal health. The wholesome, superfood formulas of Isle of Dogs’ treats and food do just that.

The grooming products then enhance and support the healthy glow that’s already there. It’s a natural, wholesome partnership between taking care of a pet’s health and and beauty from the inside out. The mission isn't solely about treating outward conditions like dry, flaky skin, but rather in preventing those conditions in the first place.

Cross-Selling Grooming and Food

It makes sense: when healthy consumables are matched with natural, nutrient-rich grooming products, customers are able to better understand how these two distinctly separate product families support each other.

For the health and beauty consumer, you can build trust by positioning our family of products in a way that speaks to this concept of inner wellness and outer beauty:

  • Create a Healthful Beauty or Natural Wellness end-cap to cross sell Isle of Dogs treats with Isle of Dogs grooming products. By educating customers on the impact of nutrition on the way their dog looks and feels, you will help increase sales.
  • Up-sell Isle of Dogs before and during the check out process. If they are checking out with our food or treats in hand, then be sure they know about the beauty products and vice versa. By carrying both categories of Isle of Dogs products, you are at a distinct advantage to build off of consumer trust in one area to grow the other.
  • Cross promote Isle of Dogs treats in the grooming aisle.
  • Create monthly themed promotions that pull together a wide range of products and create a display located in a high-traffic area of your store. Effective theme ideas will build answers to the questions of how to support customers’ dogs’ health and beauty needs.