Selling the Bonding Experience

Selling the Bonding Experience

Some pet parents feel nervous about grooming their dog at home. However, at-home grooming provides the opportunity for dogs and their people to bond. Help your customers understand how important that bonding time can be by sharing these three tips:

Handle Early… and Handle Often

Pet parents should start handling their pup in positive, comfortable ways as soon as the dog comes home. Start with gentle massaging of the ears, soft rubbing of the pads of the feet, even a careful swish of the tail… anywhere a groomer (or vet!) will need to touch. Never force a dog to accept a touch he isn’t comfortable with. Instead, if there’s a tricky area, turn it into a positive experience with treats and praise.

Keep It Light

Instead of turning grooming into a “thing,” keep it calm and light. Settle on the couch for a Netflix binge, and slowly brush your pup from nose to tail (put a machine-washable sheet down first!). Turn bath time into a bonding experience by giving your dog a relaxing, thorough massage. Grooming sessions can build a stronger bond because of all the positive hands-on time and gentle physical contact.

Make It Positive

Treats work wonders in helping a dog begin to feel comfortable with handling, bathing, or brushing. For instance, every time you touch a toe, your dog gets a tasty morsel. Pretty soon, the savvy pup figures out that toe-touching means a reward and gets excited for handling sessions. Then, the owner can move onto quick nail or fur trims—continuing the rewards—comfortably. With a gradual, bond-building pace, the dog never feels scared, and the owner feels confident! Win-win!

A few simple steps can help your clients understand the bonding experience of at-home grooming!