Pro Tips on Up-Selling and Cross-Selling with Isle of Dogs

Pro Tips on Up-Selling and Cross-Selling with Isle of Dogs

Some products were just made for each other.  

Do most of your customers come in to browse? Or do they come in to make a specific purchase? Many independent pet retailers report that it’s the latter. So, the trick to making the most of those purposeful shoppers is by suggesting up-sells and cross-sells. Here are two ways to do so organically:

A Natural Fit

If you spot a customer eyeing the No. 12 Triple Strength Evening Primrose Oil shampoo, a natural up-sell would include a conditioner, of course. But what about a leave-in, like the No. 62 EPO Conditioning Mist? Or even the corresponding Coat Supplement? Many products have a natural counterpart. Merchandize them together in the store and make sure your sales staff is  prepared to jump in with suggestions.

Cross-Category Merchandizing

Many customers shop for products to solve a problem, like a shampoo or conditioner to alleviate dry skin. Oftentimes, the products that solve those problems can go hand-in-hand with products from another aisle. In the example of dry skin, if someone is picking up a bottle of the Silky Oatmeal Shampoo, suggest other problem-solving products from across the aisle. Solutions like The Daily Fix Skin + Coat supplement or even functional treats like the Skin 100% Natural Baked Treat offer additional support to fix your customer’s problem while giving you the opportunity to make a larger sale.

Finally, always keep an eye out for easy add-ons. If a customer is buying outdoor adventure gear, suggest a spray like the Isle of Dogs Brush Spray since their pup will likely get dirty. Being prepared to make complementary product recommendations is a great way to increase the dollar value of each sale, and with a tremendous range of products, Isle of Dogs makes it easy.