Pet Consumables Seasonal Ingredient Trends

Pet Consumables Seasonal Ingredient Trends

With students heading back to school all over the country, there’s no doubt: Fall is right around the corner!

Ingredient trends follow the seasons. Now’s the time to start merchandizing all those fall specialty items. Fall boasts rich flavors that evoke crispness and comfort. Take advantage of those feelings by honing your product mix around this season’s specific flair.

Here are three seasonal ingredient trends to focus on:


Luckily for pet retailers, a certain coffee shop has spent the last decade building an obsession around all things pumpkin. Capitalize on this trend by grouping pumpkin bestsellers together with on-trend signage. Our pumpkin-based Daily Essentials treats are a fun product to feature with modern, eye-catching packing. 


The quintessential fall ingredient, apple will be everywhere soon. Cross-promote seasonal trends like apples with functional favorites. For instance, the Smile product from our 100% Natural Baked Treat line showcases crisp, red apples on the packaging. Take advantage of the ingredient trend to draw shoppers into the dental aisle.


Whether found in food or in grooming (and beauty!) products, kale is an up-and-comer this fall. While beauty gurus and nutritionists have long-espoused the benefits of kale, the general consumer has now caught wise. Kale is popping up in shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, food--including snacks and treats--for both dogs and their human counterparts. Kale is freshest in fall, and it’ll be even fresher and more in demand this year.

Next up: As these products start to clear the shelves, get those cranberry products ready! Winter will be here before you know it!