Millennials and Instagram - A Pet Retailer's New Best Friends

Millennials and Instagram - A Pet Retailer's New Best Friends

While Millennials characteristically love social media, no other channel has captured their hearts quite like Instagram.

The visually-driven platform owned by Facebook outmaneuvered rival Snapchat with the launch of Stories and the integration of more customization. Millennials use the platform to share their lives with their friends and family, and no detail is too small to stylize--from a weekend party to their workday lunch, and all the outfits in between.

What you may not realize: The combo of Millennials and Instagram can be the store owner’s best friend. Here are three reasons why:


Instagram allows accounts to geotag posts. That means every time you share a fun, fresh post, you can tag your store. Search by location is huge on Insta, and Millennials are more likely to find a local store through that feature. Be sure you tag all your pics with your location!


Millennials are loyal shoppers if their shopping experience is personalized. In fact, small business research data suggests that Millennials are 80 percent more likely to make a purchase if the shopping is experiential. Use Instagram to show off your loyal Millennials’ pets when they come in the store, and be sure to tag their--or their pet’s!--account to drive loyalty.


Encourage your Millennial customers to share: share their in-store adventures, share their purchases, share their pets frolicking in your aisles. Getting Millennial customers online in store is the fastest way to create engagement. Be sure to create shareable displays or interactivity within your store. (Instagram frames, anyone?)

Millennials now make up the largest demographic of pet owners in the country. Harness their tech-loving, media-savvy interests through a strong Instagram presence, and you might just attract lifelong customers.