Knowing the Ingredients Your Customers are Looking For

Knowing the Ingredients Your Customers are Looking For

The power of super ingredients: They’re not just for dog food and treats! Functional ingredients make dog grooming products work even harder. Three specific ingredients--evening primrose oil, royal jelly, and coconut oil--create powerful results in the Isle of Dogs range of grooming products.

Evening Primrose Oil

Flower-derived Evening Primrose Oil contains the fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). It’s a powerful ingredient for any dog, even those with delicate skin, like puppies. It absorbs quickly to all skin and coat types and adds shine. Grooming products with evening primrose oil are perfect for:

  • Allergy-prone dogs
  • Dogs with skin conditions especially in the face, paws, legs and groin
  • Puppies
  • Dogs with dull, dry coats
  • Dogs with dry or flaky skin

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly comes from honeybees. For the bees, it serves as a source of nutrition for the queen bee to help her grow larger and live longer. The raw ingredient contains high-quality proteins, lipids, and vitamins that can help promote the regeneration process. It’s long been used to improve hair strength, and for dogs it can help reduce shedding. We recommend products with royal jelly for:

  • Breeds that have wispy, lifeless hair
  • Dogs with dry or irritated skin
  • Dogs that shed excessively


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is touted as the superfood ingredient for just about everything--from taking care of dry skin to a raw food additive to relieving various ailments. The ingredient also has a multitude of benefits for dogs’ coat and skin similar to its effects on human’s hair and skin. Coconut oil promotes soft, healthy hair; relieves dry, itchy, flaky and irritated skin; and strengthens the protective skin barrier. It also helps reduce protein loss and serves as an all-natural, refreshing deodorizer. Grooming products containing coconut oil are ideal for:

  • Dogs with dry, damaged coats
  • Dogs with itchy, irritated skin
  • Dogs with yeast conditions, redness and even hot spots


Grooming products containing these three super ingredients, either individually or in combination, can solve many of your customers’ grooming concerns — and leave their dogs’ skin healthy and coat shiny.