Ingredient Trends are a Pet Retailer's Best Friend

Ingredient Trends are a Pet Retailer's Best Friend

Ever wonder what women are looking for in health and beauty products for their dogs? Look no further than the beauty aisle!

At this year’s Global Pet Expo in Orlando, the American Pet Products Association presented data that showed Millennials are now the largest pet-owning segment of the U.S. population. And, as nearly every consumer goods market segment is learning, Millennials love to stay up on trends. Plus, they’re starting to outspend other demographics, and spoiling their pets with the latest and greatest in pet products is a big part of that.

To keep up with ingredient trends in pet health and wellness, there’s only one place to look!

Women’s Health and Beauty

The women’s health and beauty industry provides ideal insight into what women want to purchase for their pets because women expect to provide the same quality of product to their pets that they purchase for themselves. The same goes for types of products: From green, eco-friendly, natural, non-gmo, and organic consumables to pet-safe cosmetic products, like nail polish, women use their own product preferences to guide product choices for their pets.

That said, when choosing grooming products to stock your shelves, look to three places: lifestyle magazines, your local natural foods retailer, and your local drugstore or department store. The latest ingredient trends pop up in these places before they hit the pet product market, so you can plan your purchasing in advance.

For instance, shortly after coconut oil debuted as the breakthrough beauty product for hair and skin, it started popping up in pet grooming products. The same happened with non-GMO and organic consumables, as well as functional foods in general.

Keep an eye on ingredient trends--like the coconut oil trend--to stay one step ahead of your customer!