Combat Customer Confusion: 4 Grooming Myths Debunked

Combat Customer Confusion: 4 Grooming Myths Debunked

Have you heard any of these four common grooming myths from your customers? Learn how to debunk those myths with help from Isle of Dogs’ grooming products.

Too many baths will irritate my dog’s skin.

With the right shampoo—one appropriately-balanced for the pH levels of a dog’s skin and coat—over-bathing won’t happen. Owners need to be aware that choosing the right products, like those formulated for skin and coat health, aren’t too harsh or irritating for regular bathing. The trick is to make sure the owner rinses the product out thoroughly. Residue can cause problems that are attributed to over-bathing.

My short-haired dog doesn’t need to be brushed or conditioned.

Many short-haired dog owners cite oily skin as the reason they don’t brush or condition their pup. Unfortunately, that myth can cause long-term stress to the dog’s skin. Oil needs to be distributed through the coat, whether it’s natural oil or oil from a product. Regular brushing accomplishes that. Plus, the dog’s skin might be oily while the coat is dry. Properly-formulated products with the right combination of cleansing and conditioning can balance the dog’s skin.

Lather is required to clean.

This myth is pervasive in the human beauty industry, as well. Lather isn’t necessary for a product to cleanse. The ingredients in a product that cause it to lather are additives that aren’t necessary to the product’s cleaning formulation. Manufacturers are savvy to the idea that most consumers think lather means clean, so they add ingredients that lather for the psychological appeal. Focus on wholesome, balanced ingredients, and don’t worry about the lather!

I can’t groom my dog myself.

Many customers avoid purchasing grooming products because they aren’t confident they can groom their pups themselves. Even those whose dogs require regular professional grooms should feel comfortable giving their dog a between-session brush and bath. Using gentle products like Isle of Dogs helps transition them because they’ll see instant results. Help encourage those customers: DO try this at home!

Now you’re ready to combat some of the most common grooming myths. Always be prepared to follow up your advice with a product recommendation to get the sale!