Back to School Pet Product Assortment

Back to School Pet Product Assortment

When it comes to back-to-school products, most people think of a few standards: book bags, notepads, pencils, lunch boxes, and so on.

However, back-to-school provides huge opportunities for pet retailers to stock up on calming and bonding products.

After spending a summer playing with the family, the return to school can be tough on the family pet. Suddenly, he’s back to being home alone for long stretches of time, or missing his daily routine as classes, sports, and clubs start up again.

When buying for fall, choose products that help pets get through the difficulties of back-to-school changes and chaos.


Products that help a dog combat anxiety are key. Look for treats, like Isle of Dogs’ Chillout treats, which are baked dog treats that feature lavender and lemon balm--both known for their calming effects. Other options include the Daily Fix Calming Formula and products in the grooming line that also include lavender and lemon balm.


Interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and training treats all make great bonding purchases. Encourage your customers to try to stick to their dog’s routine throughout the summer, if possible. Or, if fall is already underway, it’s ideal to get a pup on the new routine as quickly as possible. That means regular feeding and exercise times, as well as lots of bonding activities like interactive play and a daily walk.

Taking the time to brush and groom pets is also a wonderful opportunity to slow down and spend a little bonding time together. Help your customers create a stress-free brush session by educating your staff on grooming best practices and carrying products that provide an easy and comfortable experience.

Back-to-school can be a stressful time for the human members of the family, too, so these routines and products--especially that daily walk--can alleviate the stress of the fall season for everyone! Bonus points for stress-busting while bonding!